“A Melting Truth” – Al Gore Next Award-Winning Project?

22 Jan

Whether you live in a country like Maldives close to oceans  or up in the mountains 8000 meters above sea-level, climate change will get you soon. While the vulnerability of low-lying island countries such as Maldives, Tuvalu and Bangladesh have long been used to bring attention to the negative impacts of climate change and adaptation, COP 17 and various scientific findings in 2011 shed some light into  flooding of glacial lakes in due to rising global temperature. E&E publication’s Climate Wire did a series called the “Third Pole” where Deputy Editor Lisa Friedman shared her experience with an expedition of scientists to the Himalayas in Nepal.  Al  Gore keeps the momentum, by cruising to Antarctica next week with a party of 1000 people, including celebrities (I bet Leonardo DiCaprio and/or Robert Redford), celebrity-scientist scientists (NASA’s James Hansen etc.) and international political officials.  The trip is organized by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.

Enjoy my poster (just a joke, okay- Not an Academy award and Nobel Prize winning blockbuster production ). Read the full news article in this subscription-free ClimateWire article.

Images made by Sumayal with source photos from Wikipedia ( An Inconvenient Truth poster), and Treehugger (glacier) 

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