Hello. So, you have somehow Stumbled, Tumblr’d,  Flickr’d or have been Tweeted to my blog. Welcome! My name is Sumayal Shrestha. I was made in Nepal, after which I have been packed and shipped off to different countries where I was installed with skills/expertise in:

  • Environmental science & policy- energy efficiency,  carbon financing (REDD), environmental communication and outreach;
  • Geospatial analysis- cartography, mapping,  GIS;
  • Art- painting, drawing, installation, poetry; and
  • Communication – writing, graphic design, social media and marketing strategy.

Why my Work is Important

After looking at the bullet points, you are wondering if I am just another  jack-of-all-trades with a short attention span. In a way- yes to the former, but hear me out.  Having a multidisciplinary background and skill set helps me bring attention to perspectives and connections that usually go unnoticed. One of the benefits of being a jack of all trades, I have found, is that you are always an outsider.  So, when making policy decisions, creating maps or drafting up a marketing literature, you tend to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and improve your product to fit their needs as much as possible.

That said, I have found my calling in breaking down complex technical and scientific data into information that is:

  1. Easy and quick consume;
  2. Interesting enough to tweet or pin (if you have caught on the Pinterest fever); and
  3. Relevant enough to fetch some kind of funding.

I use Sumayal.com to explore creative tools & trends to bridge environmental science, policy & the community.  In addition to my ramblings to environmental news, I post infographics, maps, images, graphs and marketing campaigns that I find interesting or could use improvement. You will soon be able to trace the activity of the right side of my brain in a art blog I started called Paint and Policies.


  • If you are seriously thinking of hiring or collaborating with me, I can send you my resume. Please send me an email at sumayalshr (at) gmail (dot)com
  • I am working on an artful/”data-visualized” resume so you’ll be able to take a peek at it soon!


So, you are still reading. That means we get excited about similar things! I would love to grab a chai cutting by a Banglore street vendor with you. But, I live in Washington, D.C., and a 24-hour flight to discuss our mutual love for Wired Magazine would be an over-kill. Fortunately, I also have an active life outside the 4-D world, so let’s catch up!

  • Twitter: Follow @Sumayal
  • Linkedin: Connect with Sumayal
  • Email: sumayalshr (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Pinterest: Recently joined the band wagon. Follow one of my boards on Pinterest

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