(PDF available upon request)

  • Does REDD Avoid Tragedy of Commons? Assessing the Role of Carbon Financing in The Community Forests of Nepal | February 2012
  • Toxicology of Chrysotile Asbestos: Impact of high-exposure on absorption and biotransformation in rescue workers of 9/11
  • Regression analysis of student enrollment and socio-economic variables (such as funding, race, gender, county-level political affiliation) that influence their decision to pursue graduate-level education at Clark University’s department of International Development, Community and Environment (IDCE) | May 2011
  • Biogas Technology in Nepal & United States: Lessons About Reverse Leapfrogging of Energy Technology From Developing to Developed Countries | April 2010
  • Success of ENERGY STAR ’s voluntary product labeling program in reducing air pollution through market-based incentives | 

Data Visualization

  •  What does it take to be a billion dollar company (Facebook’s $1 billion purchase of Instagram)
  • Measuring ground-level ozone above legal standard in California using geointerpolation krigging | March 2011
  • Where are the old houses in Worcester, Ma.? Identifying old housing clusters for potential indoor lead exposure and energy efficiency upgrades | February 2011

Writing & Developing Content

Graphic Design & Illustration


  • Blog: Paint and Policies
  • Solo exhibition:  “No Menstruating Women Beyond This Point” | 2008|On What Grounds Cafe, Chambersburg, PA (URL link, image and artist statement will soon be posted on Paint and Policies)

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